A few weekends ago, we made a spur of the moment decision to go to Salamanca, so we booked a hotel (not a hostel-YAY!) and packed our little backpacks for a little adventure in the college town of Spain.

Our nightmare bus trip did not set our trip off on the right foot…(What was supposed to be a two hour bus ride turned into almost four hours of car-sickyness and catching whiffs of the not so hygienic dude sitting behind me. Yum.) Nonetheless, we had an awesome time with our biffles and our very own Salamanca guide, Eric.

Seeing this ginormo toro in the middle of nowhere gave us a good laugh

We got a taste of the college night life on Friday night when we got there. It’s definitely a pretty different from Madrid’s nightlife–alot more young people walking through the town (duh) and everything was alot cheaper.

Our friend Eric, who had previously studied in Salamanca a few years ago, took us on a little bar hopping adventure, which included stops at a chupeteria (shots bar), and a Michael Jackson bar called Jacko’s.

The night was supposed to end with us at some super hip nightclub, buuuuut “superhip” back when Eric was here meant that we ended up at some club filled with high schoolers and their chaperones…what a night.

The next morning, Alexis and I woke up SUPER early to make sure we caught our included breakfast! Not ONLY was it rare that we were staying in a hotel, but breakfast is also super hard to come by in Spain.

Needless to say…. it was kind of disappointing….I don’t really know how this many canned peaches would have been a good idea in any situation…

We finished off our trip with a little sight seeing of the famous cathedral and the university. Super duper pretty, and particularly interesting since we learned about the history behind all of the architecture in my Spanish history class a few weeks earlier. (Yes, I do still attend class in Spain amongst all the fun…)

Casa de las Conchas

Story is that some homeboy decorated this casa with one shell a day for 365 days as a symbol of his undying love for his ladylove. ¡Qué romántico!

But then there were all these rumors that there was money hidden in the shells, so people started ripping them off! ¡Qué rude!

This crazy facade is actually the outside of the University of Salamanca. There’s this little story/legend behind it that if you find the frog that’s hidden somewhere in the crazy ornate-ness, you’ll get good grades. Do you see it?!?!

But who needs  some “lucky” frog when you have asian genes??

Jk. I still need it.  And now I have both.

In other news, Happy Birthday to my super goofy super awesome Dad! My parents just landed in Lisbon today and I could not be more excited to go meet up with them this week!! EEK!


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  1. Sydney says:

    your hair is so long and purty! miss you sissssy

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